Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Runbandz Review + Giveaway (Etsy Store)

Hey Everybody!

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There is a giveaway for Runbandz at the bottom of this post too :)

I have been wanting to start a new section to my blog for a very long time now and I thought that this was the perfect time to do it! I am always talking about how much I love supporting small businesses/Etsy stores because a lot of the times they have really great items. I wanted this new section to be all about these small businesses and their products that have my full support behind them. 

Whenever I discover an item that I really love, I want to tell people all about it. That's why I wanted to dedicate this post to an Etsy store that I found called Runbandz! Runbandz are headbands made of spandex that keep your hair out of your eyes during physical activities like; running, yoga or just going to the gym. They don't have to be worn during just exercise though, you could wear them anywhere!

I bought my first set of Runbandz because I have been searching for good headbands to wear when I go to the gym for years. I would buy cloth headbands at stores like Target and Walgreens all of the time but then they would end up in a drawer and forgotten within the month because they never fit on my head right. I've been wearing my Runbandz for a while now and I do not have even one complaint about them. I wear them everywhere. When I go to the gym, stay at home, when I go out with my friends and even to work. I love how multifunctional they are!

Value: $6

This was the print that pretty much sold me. I saw this print and immediately knew that I had to have it. I love it because I can pretty much match it with everything and anything. 

This is one of the days that I wore my Runbandz to work. A lot of people were complimenting me on how great it looked!

If you go to the link that I put above, this print is #12. This is another one that I saw and immediately knew that I had to have it. I wanted it because I wear a lot of neon/colorful clothes so I knew this one would match a lot of my clothes too. 

This picture was taken right before I left to go out with one of my friends. I was trying to pick up my husky (Emma) but she just wasn't having it LOL. 

All of the designs are so cute! I probably sat on my computer for a good hour or so trying to pick out which ones I want. This one matches my running shoes so I had to get it :) I love that these are machine-washable too. I'm one of those people that sweats a lot during a workout and I love that I can just throw these in with my laundry. 

If you buy Runbandz individually, most of them sell for $5.50-$6 each. I bought the pack of 4 headbands for $17. There are also other packages that you can get if you want more than 4 (I'm beginning to wish that I had bought one of  the bigger packages now). The other packages are; 6 headbands for $25 and 8 headbands for $34. You can also get custom orders, if you wanted to buy more. 

Running Headband Purple Metallic Zebra
(Picture taken from Runbandz website)

You can even get some that are embroidered! In the Etsy store there are some embroidered Runbandz for breast cancer awareness, skull and crossbones, hunting logos, etc. I believe that you can even get a different embroidery if you requested one.  

Running Headband Sugar Skull
(Picture taken from Runbandz website)

My opinion on Runbandz is nothing but good things! There are so many different designs to choose from, I can guarantee that you will find at least one that you love. The quality of the material and the way that the headbands are sewn together are amazing. I'm already thinking about which designs I want next. 

Neon Running Headband Waves
(Picture taken from Runbandz website)

Now for the really exciting part! I talked to the owner of Runbandz (Amber) and she was happy to allow me to do a giveaway for my readers for a couple of Runbandz. There are going to be 2 winners to this giveaway. Each winner is going to be able to pick out 2 Runbandz of their choice. There are so many amazing and cute designs to choose from! 

What do you guys think about Runbandz? Would you be interested in buying them? Which prints are your favorite?

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Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own. These Runbandz were bought with my own money. The creator of Runbandz is providing 2 of the Runbandz for the giveaway and I am providing the other 2. 


  1. The Blue Tie Dye! It would match with so many of my clothes!

  2. Wow it's so hard to choose - there is so many designs that looks awesome :-) The tie dye and the stripes would probably be my first choice lol
    Thank you

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  4. really nice headband ! :D
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  5. Love those headbands, especially the neon one.
    If you like shower scrubs you should check out Scrubxury on Etsy. Smell delicious and so moisturizing.


  6. Aztec print probably, like the less exciting ones I guess haha :)


  7. These are really cute! It almost makes me want to run haha!


  8. ur dog is so cute... :)
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  9. I love that they have such awesome prints , great giveaway!

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  10. love the damask headband! thanks for awesome giveaway!
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  11. great post! really love finding new stores on etsy,thanks for sharing. also, thank you for stopping by my blog.


  12. Either the Camo Realtree headband or the Doe Embroidered Spandex headband.

  13. So many great prints...but I would have to choose the Aztec! Thanks for sharing these!

  14. Goodluck everyone! :)


  15. Hi dear, your blog is amazing, it inspires me so much and I love all of your posts..such an amzing style!! Why don't we keep in touch following each other via bloglovin and gfc? What do you think?
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  16. I would pick the Damask Headband Spandex.


  17. I would love the hot pink one and the black and white zebra print!! Kimberly S

  18. I would probably pick the one that says "slow is the new fast" and maybe the neon one or one with the chevron strips on it? =)

  19. The Blue Chevron! OR i would find a teal color! Love the idea of using spandex for this. Genius!

  20. Wow I can't wait to try them, with or without winning. I love head bands and I'm totally feeling the Skull and Bones and the Neon one.

  21. I'm back real quick, I just checked them out and Favorited 16 of them, I'm in love.

  22. These are neat! I like the peacock and sugar skulls (:


  23. The headbands I buy never fit right so if these fit as good as you say...I NEED a whole collection of them! Of the ones you featured I love the Aztec and Peacock patterns. Going to go like them on FB as soon as I finish here. :)

  24. LOVE all of those! I think Aztec and Peacock are my favorites though!

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  26. You look so pretty in the Aztec one!

  27. They are all so cute!! Neon cheetah I guess! :)

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