What Box Should I do a Giveaway for?

Hey Everybody!

So I was thinking about doing a little giveaway for my readers and I was wondering which subscription box you all would rather want to enter a drawing for! I was thinking about giving away a 3-month subscription and a few extra things so let me know what your opinion is. Just put your answer in the poll below and I'll let all of you guys decide what you want to win.

There are SO many subscription boxes to choose from. I only included a few of them on my list but if you guys would rather see any other subscription box in my drawing than please, let me know! Either leave a comment on my Facebook page, e-mail me or leave a comment in this post. Thanks everybody!

(Polling is closed and I am currently in the process of making the giveaway!)


  1. Just found your website, i love your honest reviews and the way you like to interact with your subscribers! keep up the awesome work!


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