Coco Rocha Fancy Box July 2013 Review + Coupon Code!

It's my Birthday today!! I decided that I couldn't skip making a post on my birthday so I decided to show you all what was probably the best subscription box that I have ever received. Let me know what you all think about this one!

Seriously, this was probably the best subscription box that I have ever received. It was my Coco Rocha Fancy Box!! I received one Coco Rocha box before and I absolutely loved it. I quit subscribing for a little bit because this is one of the more expensive boxes that I get. I couldn't resist getting the Coco Rocha Fancy Box for my birthday month though! You can see my other Fancy Box reviews, just click here! Each box comes with over $80 worth of items hand picked by Coco Rocha. 

I paid: $39/month

Use coupon code "FOLLOWUP10" to receive 10% off your first box!

I will never quit loving Fancy's description cards. Usually, they have a description of the item on the back. This month they had an explanation from Coco Rocha herself telling us why she chose each item. I don't think that I ever mentioned this before but Coco Rocha actually made a comment on my YouTube video of me unboxing her very first box! I thought it was somebody else pretending to be her but it was her actual verified account! She said that she was glad I liked it :) 

Value: $15

I'm not really much of a wayfarer kind of girl. With my face type, aviators always fit me better. I love all of the designs that wayfarer's have though and these were no exception. The rose print is absolutely adorable! I'd still wear them even though they don't look as good on me as aviators do. I thought about gifting them but they're too cute to give away!

What do you think? Aviators will always be my first choice but these are still cute too! 

Value: $19.99

These brushes are absolutely adorable. Not only is the print on the holder safari print, but the bristles on the brush are too! I just received a brand new brush set for Christmas a few months ago but this is so cute! I wish I had known about this set sooner. I may have to buy the full set of these brushes when it's time to get new ones :)

Value: $10?

I have no idea what the value of this is. It is a signed copy of Elle Mexico with Coco Rocha on the cover. I love Elle magazine so I really liked seeing this! I've never seen a fashion magazine in another language before so this should be really interesting. Have I ever mentioned that I can actually speak, read and write Spanish? That's actually one of the things that I'm going to college for so I could even try to decipher the editorials in the magazine. 

Value: $50

These are probably my favorite item in the entire box! I have a pair of big headphones but I got them as a sophomore in high school on the clearance rack of Urban Outfitters. I think that this is a good time to replace my old ones. Everybody is getting Dr. Dre headphones but I'm just not the kind of person who drops $200 on a pair of headphones. As cool as they are, I just don't like spending that kind of money. They are so cute though! I couldn't have found a more cute headphone set to replace my old ones.

Total Value of the Box: $95

What did you think of this month's Coco Rocha Fancy Box? I loved it so much! It's by far in my top 5 favorite subscription boxes that I have ever received. Don't forget to use the coupon code at the top of this post to get 10% off of your first box!

I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of my birthday with my friends and family now so I hope that you all have an amazing day!

Disclaimer: I paid for this box and all opinions are my own. This post contains referral links. 


  1. Happy Birthday! What a cool box! I love the brush set (:
    Love, KarenAnn

    1. Thank you! The brush set is so cool :)

  2. I can't believe it's your birthday too. What are the odds of 3 of us sharing a birthday?

    I gotta get on my monkey suit and go to a meeting. FUN TIMES.


    1. Happy Birthday to you too! It's such a small world LOL

  3. Happy birthday!!,!! Have a good day fashion girl!


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