Goodies Company Subscription Box August 2013 Review

My Goodies Co. box came in the mail today and I couldn't get it into my house fast enough to rip it open! I've been seeing other people's reviews on their blogs for the past week now and I've been anxiously waiting for mine to come in. I guess that Goodies Co. started to send out different items in each box now. I'm not complaining because from what I saw, I got a lot of different items than other people. I received box number 5 this month.

Cost: $7/month.

I can never complain about the price of Goodies Co. It's so cheap and they send a lot of really great products!

If you're interested in receiving a Goodies box, just send me an e-mail in my contact form and I'll send you one! You can skip the waiting line that way, I hear it's kind of long now. 

Value: $4.59

The ingredients to this drink are; aloe vera, orange and passion fruit. Aloe vera??? I can honestly say that I have never, ever tried a drink where one of the main drinks was aloe vera. Whenever I think of aloe vera, I think of sunburns and plants. I'm always up for trying anything though! This seems like a morning drink so I'm probably going to drink it tomorrow morning before I go to work. 

Value: $1.33

Whenever I get coffee in a packet like this, it's usually a powdered coffee. This particular coffee is a liquid coffee though so I'm pretty excited to try it out. Coffee is an everyday thing for me. I can't even imagine how I lived without coffee before. 

Value: $0.31

Do you guys remember those sour punch straws from when we were kids? Well these tasted so much better than those! On a normal day, I don't even look at candy. Today was a special day though, so I decided to splurge a little. These taste so yummy! They aren't covered in overly processed sugar and they tasted really good. 

Value: $0.30

Poplets are those half-baked kernels at the bottom of your popcorn bowl. I love that their gluten free, but poplets aren't really for me. Popcorn is by far, my favorite food. I like the fully cooked kernels though. I usually end up throwing away the unpopped ones. I know that D LOVES the half-popped kernels so I might have to look into getting some of these for him!

Value: $0.75

I can't say that I eat too many sunflower seeds to be honest with you. I think that they make too much of a mess. I do like to add the unshelled seeds on my salads though. I know that D would love these so I think that he'll really enjoy them. I know that he'll get really excited when he sees that they are Ranch flavored :)

Value: $0.94

I love all types of veggie chips and straws. I was actually eating this bag as I was typing up this blog post :) One of my favorite things about this brand is that they don't cover their chips in salt. That's the main reason why I don't eat regular potato chips, they're so salty and greasy! I'd choose these over regular chips any day. 

Total Value: $8.22

If you're interested in signing up for Goodies, send me an e-mail and you can skip the waiting list!

Disclaimer: I paid for these products with my own money. All opinions are my own and this post contains referral links. 


  1. Sounds like a fun mix of products, and it's cool that not everyone gets the same box.

  2. this box doesn't ship to Canada, but it always seems to have good snacks in it :)

  3. So excited I found your blog! :)


  4. We got some similar stuff but some of it was in my last couple of box and some stuff I never got :) I am still making my way through the box but I will be sure to make a post :)

  5. I got a Goodies August box as well, and mine was completely different. I like your box better actually, my husband would have loved the aloe drink. Those sunflower seeds also look really good. My box was mostly sweets.

    ~ Katie
    Plus One Blog

  6. This looks like a fun and semi-healthy box subscription :) there's a box for everything these days :)!

  7. Glad to see this review, I've been wondering about this box!

  8. How did you like the aloe vera juice? It's really good for digestion if you happen to have any problems in that area!

  9. I signed up after getting the link from you. So excited for when it arrives!

  10. Hi, Do you still have a referral code? Will it still work? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry, I couldn't find their referral system anymore so I think they quit doing that!


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