Happy Dog Box August 2013 Review + Get Your First Box for FREE!

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It feels like I haven't reviewed a subscription box in a while. So I decided to order a couple of different ones to get back into the flow of it all! Today, I received my Happy Dog Box! (If you use my link you can get your first box for free, just pay $4.99 for shipping). One of the reasons why I got Happy Dog Box was because I haven't bought a subscription box for my puppies in awhile and I thought that they deserved a treat. Another reason why I got it was because I got my first box for free. Now let me tell you a little story about that. I paid $9.99 for shipping for my first box. Well once I paid and everything, it said that my friends could use my referral code and get their box for $4.99 in shipping. Shouldn't all shipping costs be the same? To the best of my knowledge, we all would be getting the same box. Except I had to pay $5 more just for shipping. I e-mailed the company about it and they just said that it was some sort of marketing strategy. I didn't ask for the $5 back or anything but I was still a little upset by it because it didn't seem fair to me. I guess I did technically get the first box for free so I really shouldn't be complaining too much. 

Cost: $29.95

Each month, the value of the box is supposed to be at least $42 in treats and toys for your puppies. The great thing about this box is that you can choose the age and the size of your pup(s) so that they can curate the items based on that. From the box that I received, everything was fitted perfectly for my pups. 

Barkworthies Premium Dog Treats, Curly Bully Sticks
Value: $6.08

The pups have actually gotten a lot of products from Barkworthies in the past and they absolutely love them. They love them so much that they will devour them in less than a minute. That's one reason why I don't usually buy their products on my own. $6.08 is quite a bit for me to buy when it's going to be gone in 2 minutes or less. They do love them a lot though so I know that they'll be happy when they see this!

Woofables Gourmet Dog Bakery: Wheat-Free Dog Biscuits
Value: $3

These are so adorable! There were a lot of different shaped biscuits in the bag including ducks and carrots. I love that they're wheat-free (no filler ingredients). I gave each of the pups a biscuit and they loved them!

Here's Emma protecting her duck shaped biscuit. Red always tries to steal her treats so Emma watches him like a hawk. After I took this picture, Emma proceeded to hide her treat under a pillow on the couch. If she doesn't like something she walks away from it. You know she likes something when she hides it to eat it later. Red ate his in one bite LOL.

Earth Rated Green Dispenser with 15 Dog Waste Poop Bags
Value: $3.99

Perfect timing! I needed a new poop bag holder because the old one was torn and covered in mud. I really like that this one is made of plastic, now I won't have to worry about it getting dirty! Plus it's eco-friendly. You can't go wrong with that!

Kangaroo Bites Pet Treats
Value: $5.42

I can't say that my dogs have ever tried Kangaroo bites before. I'm sure that they'll love them though!

Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Hip and Joint Treat
Value: $5.20

Here's a brand that I know my pups love! I think that we got it in another subscription box before. I'm not 100% sure where it was from but I know that they loved these treats!

Jolly Pets Monster Mouth Dog Toy
Value: $8.29

I got Red a toy like this before but it was not nearly as durable as this one it! You can put treats inside of the mouth and let your pups try to get them out. I already gave it to Red and he loved it! He's been carrying it around the house all day. 

He won't let anybody touch it!

Total Value of the Box: $31.98

Okay, so the value was about $10 under what they said that it would be. Either way, it was still worth triple the amount that I actually paid so I can't complain! 

What did you guys think about this month's box? My pups loved it!

Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own money. All opinions are my own and this post includes referral links. 


  1. This is so cool! I didn't know they had box services for dogs! Kinda want to get it for my little guy...

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. OMG so cute!! I wonder if they have one for cats!!! lol

  3. Thanks for the review and link!

  4. Thanks for the review and link!

  5. Makes me want a dog to give this to. I can tell your dogs liked their presents.

    slehan at juno dot com

  6. I signed up through your link!

  7. I wish I had puppies!

  8. My box was horrible. Two pigs ears which I dont let them eat because of samonella and chocking risk, a tiny rawhide roll that my lab would swallow whole, a really flimsy rubber toy that is not chew resistant in any way for a large dog, and two bags of treats. Not what is advertised, not what they say comes in the box, but junk. Unsubscribed immediately

  9. Just so you know, I tried using your link and now it's offering your first subscription for 50% off, instead of offering you the first month for just shipping!


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