I haven't done a NEVER EVER EVER link-up in a while so I thought this would be the perfect Tuesday to join in again!


Forget about the very first date that D and I ever had.

Say no to a day at the Doggie Park with Emma and Red.

Quit wishing that I had enough money to buy myself a Jeep Wrangler.

Stop being grateful for my wonderful parents and family.

Stop trying to see Jack Johnson live in concert (one day I will!).

Hate a day where I can stay in bed and watch Sex and the City all day.

Stop donating dollars to the homeless people that stand on the side of the road with signs.

Stop loving popcorn, seriously it's my favorite go-to snack.

Stop trying to make myself the best possible person that I can be.

Be able to go bungee jumping. 

What will you never, ever, ever be able to do?


  1. There is absolutely no chance I'd be bungee jumping! I'd never go sky diving either! Why would anyone want to throw themselves off something so high? Arghhh!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  2. Gah I love Jack Johnson!!! I love that you'll never stop being the best you can be. I love that sort of attitude. Great post Erika!

  3. I would normally donate dollars to the homeless until recently when I saw people with ridiculous signs about needing a burger and their spaceship..

  4. I want to try bungee jumping too but I'm too scared..sigh...
    Would love to hear about your jumping experience if you do it!
    I'm a new follower!

    Belle Epoque

  5. This sounds like such a fun link-up! I'm gonna have to jump on that one next week!


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