The Fantasy Box August 2013 Review

Don't you love getting surprises in the mail? I love them! The people over at The Fantasy Box were nice enough to send me a box to review this month and I couldn't wait to see what was inside! I'm sure that you could tell what kind of box this was just by looking at the name. If you were thinking that it's a subscription box for adults, then you were right! Each box has a different theme/style for a fun way to spice up your date night. Products may include; lingerie, toys, novelties and sometimes even everyday items that may surprise you. All items are high-quality, full-sized and carefully selected. 

Cost: $34-$159/month or bi-monthly

This was the package that my box came in. It was completely undetectable if any of you are worried about nosey neighbors looking though your mail. The return address just said, "TFB", it even fooled me! I was anxious to see what was inside because I couldn't even tell from the outside LOL. There are 3 different boxes; Essentials, Fantasy Box and Platinum. I received the Essentials Box ($34). 

Each box comes with their own set of instructions. It was very informative and had all the instructions that I needed to understand this month's box!

Before you do anything with the products inside of the box, you and your partner are supposed to fill out these surveys. There is one that says, "for her" while the other says, "for him". Some of the examples on the questionnaire include, "I am most 'in the mood' in a) the morning b) noon c) evening d) middle of the night" and "I am turned on by...". After both of you fill out the questionnaires, you are supposed to discuss your answers with each other and you might even be surprised by your partners answers!

With your answers to the survey, you guys can pick who wants to be the Leader and who wanted to be the follower for the theme of this box. Each person has their own set of instructions for your date night!

This month's package came with a sample of Sliquid Organics  and an Iconic Bullet. I'll let you guys click on the links for each item if you want to find out more about each product :)

This blindfold is supposed to be worn by the follower on your date night, if they are comfortable enough to do so. This would make a great sleep mask too! It's very comfortable around the eyes.

The last item in my package was this set of leopard print lingerie. I'm not lying when I say that this is probably the most comfortable set of lingerie that I have ever seen. The fabric is incredibly soft, it's soft enough to actually sleep in. The matching pair of panties is made of the same material and they are both so comfortable! This is by far, the best set of lingerie that I have ever received. It looks sexy while being unbelievably comfortable at the same time. 

My overall experience with  The Fantasy Box was great! They had awesome customer service and all of the products that I received were made with very high quality. 

If you're interested in checking out The Fantasy Box, just click here. Check out their 3 box options and find which one fits your lifestyle the best!

Disclaimer: I received this box for an exchange of a review. All opinions are my own and this post includes referral links.


  1. I am amazed that they have so many different subscription boxes these days! It seems that they have a box for everything.

  2. Are the underwear thongs? I hate thongs. They lingerie does look soft and comfortable though! I wouldn't mind trying this sub!
    Thanks for visiting and entering the giveaway at Mom's Got Mail!
    Love the design of your blog by the way.

    1. More of a g-string but I get where you're coming from! The set is sooooo comfortable. I wanted to sleep in it!

  3. This is very neat! I have never heard of fantasy boxes! Thank you for the review

  4. I have never seen or heard of this box but after reading this review, I WANT THIS SUBSCRIPTION!!!! It looks like so much fun! I would love having a subscription service like this that me and my partner could both enjoy!! Great review!


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