For the Makers September 2013 Review

Lately I've been a little bit into doing some crafts. So when I heard about the subscription box called, For the Makers, I knew that I had to try it out. If you've never heard of For the Makers, it's a monthly subscription service that sends out the materials to make 4 different DIY projects for girls. Some projects are jewelry while others are accessories. 

Cost: $29/month

The 4 projects that I got this month were; true colors necklace, billie jean bracelet, maneater earrings and a tech case. 

All of the items that I need to make the projects came inside of the box. Surprisingly, none of the projects actually needed a lot of surprises to make them. 

I'm not going to lie though... I am totally disappointed in this box. I feel like $29 is way too much for the materials that I got. I could have bought these supplies on my own for less and have gotten more of each product. Don't get me wrong, the projects are really cute and I would love to make them. I just feel like I got a little ripped off. Most of this stuff you can go to a craft store and buy a big bag of them  for $5. The instructions aren't even included inside of the box. For as much as I paid, I would wish that they could provide the instructions for me without being required to print them off of their website. 

Click here to see what the finished projects look like. 

I would have liked this box more if it was like, half the price. I think that the projects look great and well thought out, it's just way too pricey. I canceled my subscription. 

Disclaimer: I bought this box with my own money, all opinions are my own. No compensation was given for this review. 


  1. oh sad :( there was a really good voucher the other month and this is my first box, i haven't done it yet at all.


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