Umba Box September 2013 Review + Coupon Code

I'm always talking about how much I love small businesses and handmade products, that's why I was more that ecstatic when the people at Umba Box offered to send me a box. If you aren't familiar with Umba Box, it's a monthly subscription service that sends out different handmade products for women every month. There are 2-3 different products in each box. The products may be; jewelry, home goods, bath products, accessories or stationary. Each product comes with a description about the maker. 

Cost: $25/month

Use coupon code "OCTREVIEWS" * for $5 off any regular prepaid subscription!

I just checked out their website and it looks like they started offering some Limited Edition boxes too. Those boxes are all holiday themed. I love Holiday themed boxes so I may have to look a little more into getting one!

This necklace is absolutely gorgeous. If you click the link above, there is a better picture of what the necklace looks like when someone is wearing it. I love this necklace because I can match it with my business and casual attire, it matches anything that I put on. I like this necklace because it's simple and beautiful. It's very obvious that it was well made too.

Would you believe that I was actually looking for a nice set of coasters? I just moved so I'm trying to find coasters for my living room and these ones are perfect. I can't have ceramic coasters because my cups stick to them, I drop them and then the coaster is broken. I like the coaster stock ones because they come in so many different designs! If I had seen these coasters at a store, I would have bought them immediately. I love them!

Total Value of the Box: $38

WOW, I loved this month's Umba Box! It was absolutely amazing, and I found a couple of great businesses that sell handmade products. I will definitely be referencing both companies in the future!

*Discount applies to new, prepaid (multiple-month) subscriptions only (does not apply to Limited Edition subscriptions, taxes or shipping.) May not be applied to previously purchased subscriptions. Coupon can only be applied to one subscription per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers.

If you're a current subscriber and would like to redeem this offer on a new subscription, email

Offer valid for all countries we currently ship to: U.S., Canada, Australia, and European Union countries. Offer expires Monday, September 30 at 11:59 PM EST.

Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes only,, no compensation was received for my review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Those coasters are cute!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. This looks like such a great box! I love the necklace - I'm drooling over some of the other pieces the artist has. Gorgeous!

    Unpack the Box


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