Bestowed Box November 2013 Review + Coupon Code

I haven't gotten a Bestowed box in awhile, I thought that this would be the perfect time to get one! I love Bestowed because they always introduce me to great, new products that are healthy for me. 

Cost: $19/month

Coupon Code: "HELLOTEN105" for $10 off your first box

Their description card is great, they always have such good facts about each item!

I put green tea powder in a lot of things. They say that mixing the green tea powder in your foods actually has more benefits than drinking green tea. 

According to the website, these chia seeds taste great when you sprinkle them on top of cereal, yogurt, etc. Chia has great benefits and I can't wait to try it!

Quest Bar ($2.08)

Yay!! I love Quest Bars. They are the only type of protein bar that I will eat because they're the only ones that I can find that are actually healthy for you. 

Life Ice ($6.99)

This is about the coolest thing that I've seen in a long time. It's actually little frozen snacks. You put them in the freezer then they turn into little bite sized snacks. Hopefully chocolate crisp is a really good flavor. I'll probably end up buying some for myself. 

They say that coconut water is supposed to hydrate your body better than regular water, it tastes pretty good too.

This chocolate only has 5 carbs and 3 grams of sugar. That's not bad at all for chocolate! Plus, it's great at getting you energy.

I have never tried Hummus dip before, I bet that it would taste great with those crackers!

As soon as I saw these in my box, I ripped one open and immediately put it in my cup of tea. I'm actually drinking that cup of tea right now and it tastes delicious! I love the honey crystals. 

I'm going to start putting these hydration mixes in my water while I'm working out. They are supposed to keep you hydrated during extreme heat too!

Total Value of the Box: $27.72

Once again, Bestowed has not disappointed me! I love all of the products that I got and the value of the box is awesome!

If you plan on signing up, don't forget to use the coupon code so you can get $10 off your first box!

Disclaimer: I received this box for review purposes only. No compensation was received for my review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I love everything in this box. My worry would only be that I think I would devour the whole thing in an evening!!! and enjoy every minute of it - I can't pick a favorite as I love Quest bars, Salba, the hummus, chocolate! all of it- yum!


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