Giveaway Ideas

Hey my lovely readers!

I'm thinking about doing another giveaway again so I wanted your guyses input. With the Holiday season coming up, I know money can be tight so I was thinking about doing a giveaway for a Visa gift card again... What are your guyses thoughts on this? Is there something else you'd like to see?

Please leave comments and let me know!!


  1. Visa giftcard, paypal cash, Target gift card! :) Any of those would be really nice!! :)

  2. Visa, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, or Starbucks would all be great! Thanks for the giveaways!

  3. Giveaways are always nice :) I feel like a Paypal cash might be the best, cause I believe international readers can use that? Whereas with Target, Sephora..etc they wouldn't be able too!

  4. Wow..
    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
    Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.


  5. Whole Foods, Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom! Visa of course!

  6. I think the best option would be PayPal, since it's the most versatile. You could always go the "choose your own" route. That's fun too.


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