Bestowed December 2013 Review

One of my all-time favorite nutrition boxes is Bestowed! They were nice enough to send me a review box so of course, I said yes. If you aren't familiar with Bestowed, it's a monthly subscription box that sends you an assortment of healthy snacks, beverages and more. One of my favorite things about Bestowed is that they send a lot of full-sized items!

Cost: $19/month

This would make such a great snack! I've only had quinoa a couple of times and I liked it when I tried it. It's supposed to be a healthier alternative to rice. 

I, of course, had to open these up and try them right away. They tasted like a healthier alternative to cheetos. They aren't as greasy and they taste really good!

KIND Bar ($1.50)

Dark chocolate and Chili almond is a very interesting flavor taste... I'm up for trying anything though and I'm betting that it still tastes great!

Oh man, they are lucky that I like spicy food because I can't wait to rip this open! I'm trying to figure out what I want to use it with... I'm thinking some chicken!

Simply Stock ($1.04)

Organic chicken broth is exactly what I need. I bet that I could make some great, homemade chicken noodle soup with this. I love that it's unsalted because I'm not a huge fan of salt!

I saved the best item for last. I bet that this would taste amazing with some carrots and I wouldn't even regret eating like I would with ranch. All you have to do is add some greek yogurt and it's all ready to eat!

Total Value: $13.06

Click this link if you want to try out these great items! Bestowed

Disclaimer: This box was given to me for review purposes only. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Those are some great items, but are all their boxes worth less than the subscription? Seems a little odd.

  2. Om-nom-nom! Saffron Road curries are the best!



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