Fair Ivy Duet Subscription Box #1 January 2014

I've mentioned in previous posts that I am a HUGE fan of promoting small businesses, that's why I decided to go for the plunge and try out a subscription service called Fair IvyFair Ivy is a subscription service that sends out only handmade items. 

Cost: $35/month

I went for the Duet Subscription this month. The duet subscription is actually a 2 part subscription. Instead of getting everything in one package, you get 2 separate packages throughout the month. One of the packages has jewelry in it and the other is a variable item. 

It looks like my first package was the jewelry package!

I got this very beautiful necklace from a company called Just a Charm. It sits kind of high on the neck, I thought that it looked great with one of my white v-necks shirts. It's very beautiful and matches just about anything!


  1. Hi Erica,
    Thanks for the lovely review of your first Duet item! We're happy to have you on board our surprise train :)

  2. Hello,
    I'm just stopping by from your link up with Unpack the Box & Mommy Splurge. Thanks for sharing your review of Fair Ivy. They continue to be one of my favorite subscription boxes and right now I'm not signed up, so I enjoy seeing what surprises were sent out!!! Also love the amazing packaging! I need to sign up for this one again!
    Can't Stop Subscribing

  3. That necklace is lovely and I really like the idea of getting your subscription in two parts!


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