Fulcrum Gallery Review

Hey all! 

The people over at Fulcrum Gallery were kind enough to send me a piece of beautiful artwork to review and share with you all. If any of you aren't familiar with Fulcrum Gallery, it is an online store that sells home decor/wall hangings such as mirrors and artwork. I opted in to receive the "Daisies and Delphiniums" fine art print by Victor Santos. 

One of my favorite things about this decor is the frame around the outside of it. It's beautiful and it matches my house perfectly! The painting and the frame match my bathroom perfectly. It's very obvious that this piece is made of high quality materials. There are tons of other frames to choose from as well. I went for a thicker frame but they have other, smaller ones as well. They also come in different types of wood and colors. 

I also like how they have the crafter sign the back of the artwork, it tells me that they take a lot of pride in this. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my painting from Fulcrum Gallery! I have zero complaints about it and their shipping was extremely fast. Everything about it was perfect!

If you are looking to decorate your home with new pieces of artwork or mirrors, I highly recommend that you go to Fulcrum Gallery! They have everything that you could want and you can customize your piece to fit your style perfectly. 


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