Pawalla Mini June 2013 Review

Hey Everyone!

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My Pawalla Mini for June came in (if you use my referral code you get $6.50 off your first box)! My puppies love to get their Pawalla box in the mail every month. They always get so excited when I show them all of the new toys and treats! Click here to see my past Pawalla boxes. For those of you who aren't familiar with Pawalla, it is a monthly subscription for dogs and/or cats. The mini box comes with 4-5 full-sized products including; treats, toys and surprise objects. 

Cost: $20/month.

Value: $6.39

My yellow lab is starting to get stinky breath so these treats came at a perfect time! There is not any wheat, soy, corn or dairy in these treats so that makes me very happy too. 

Value: $5.05

I work at a pet store part-time (it's my college job) and we actually sell Cloud Star in our store. Not this particular selection though so I was really happy to see the variety. I can't say that either one of my dogs have ever tried a pumpkin and ginger treat before. I'm sure that they will love it though!

Amazing Pet Products Lambchop
Value: $2?

I couldn't find this online so I'm just guessing on the value. The toy is pretty small so I thought that $2 was pretty reasonable. This is probably going to last about a day in my house. Neither one of my dogs like plastic  toys that much but they are very good at destroying them.

Value: $5.07

This is such a cute little lion! This lion was actually hand-painted. I didn't even know that they hand-painted dog toys at all! My only complaint is that the latex feels kind of thin. I'm afraid that my dogs are going to bite through it quickly and rip it apart. I may have to wait a few weeks before I give it to them. Just to let myself enjoy it's cuteness a little longer :)

Total Value: $18.51

My puppies still love to get their Pawalla box every month! They will be very happy when I give them their new treats and toys. 

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Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this box, I paid for it with my own money. This post contains referral links and all opinions are my own. 


  1. The little lion is so cute! Too bad it doesn't seem that durable.

    Also now I really want puppies! (My mom has 3, but I live far away from home sadly)

    1. It's adorable! It just feels so thin that I'm afraid it won't last long.

  2. Why, exactly, is a MALE lion named Lily? Female lions don't have manes...

    1. That is a really good question. I honestly did not even think about that

  3. This is a really cool box! I have been looking into one for my four legged baby. Is this your favorite pet box? The referral link expired...
    Love, KarenAnn

    1. I love this one and Barkbox is really good too. I changed the link so hopefully it works now!

  4. My dad has the lion and she LOVES IT! I too was worried that it would rip easily (she is a chewer!!!!, but it has held up really well! I'm super happy! I will be looking for more this brand considering it lasts against my mouthy doxie!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! Now I won't be afraid to give it to them


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