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Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Hey Everybody! 

Before I start this post, I just wanted to remind you all to take my poll so that I know which subscription box you wanted me to do a giveaway for :) Just click here to take my quick and easy poll!

This is the very first time I have done a Top Ten Tuesday link-up with Angie over at Many Little Blessings! So here are my top 10 things of the week; 

Subscription Boxes

I think that we all know that I have an obsession with subscription boxes because I just can't get enough of them! I was looking for new boxes to try out and I would love to know ones that you guys like or would recommend for me. Somebody suggested the Little Black Bag so I may have to look into that one. 

Nike Shorts 

 I cannot own enough Nike shorts. They are so comfortable and I wear them everywhere. Plus, I love all of the different designs that they come in. I probably wear them more than I should but I just cannot help myself. I actually wish that I had the shorts in the picture, they are so cute!

Scooters Coffee

I know that most people have an obsession with Starbuck's coffee, but I have an obsession with Scooter's coffee. I'd take a big cup of Scooter's hazelnut latte anyday over Starbuck's. Don't get me wrong, I like both places, but I'd still choose Scooter's first. There is just something about their coffee that I can't live without. 

I can't live without peanut butter as much as I can't live without my Scooter's coffee. Almost every morning, I make myself a carb balance tortilla wrap with peanut butter in the middle. I love any type of peanut butter, like sunflower butter and almond butter. Seriously, they are all so yummy! 

Lazy Days

Life is getting so hectic lately. It seems like I always have something to do, every day of the week. Sometimes, I just need one day where I can lay in bed all day and do nothing. I had half of a lazy day today, after a 3-hour class and gym I got to lay around and relax for awhile. It was a much needed break for me. 

My Puppies

I love my puppies so much! They are so sweet and I can't imagine life without them. I have a Yellow Labrador (Red, 10 months old) and a Siberian Husky (Emma, 2 years old). They are definitely my babies and I spoil them so much. Seriously, with those kinds of faces how could you say no?

 I have been using Bareminerals makeup for as long as I was allowed to wear makeup LOL. Seriously though, my mom bought me my first Bareminerals starter kit when I was in Jr. High and I have been wearing it ever since. It is definitely my favorite makeup brand!

Premiere of The Purge

I am so excited for the movie premiere of "The Purge". I don't know why, but I just want to see this movie so bad. I saw the trailer for it like 3 months ago and I have been waiting for it to come out ever since. There are actually a lot of movies that I am really looking forward to that are coming out. Like "Finding Dory"! That's another one that I am really looking forward to. 

The Sun

I have always been a summer baby. I practically live for those sunny days that I can lay by the pool all day with the warmth of the sun on my skin. I even love to drive when it's sunny and warm out. There's nothing better than going for a drive with your sunglasses on and an open window. My Siberian Husky loves to go on car rides with me. She'll stick her head out the window and just let the wind blow through her hair. 

I have tried out so many different types of mascara and I end up hating the majority of them because they flake on my. For some reason, mascara seems to just flake on me and I have the hardest time finding a good mascara that works for me. Out of all the types of mascara that I have tried, Diorshow is by far my favorite.

What are the things that you love on this lovely Tuesday?

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  1. I voted LOVE for your new layout because it's the same Blogger template as mine and I love mine! Easy to navigate and find everything you need. :)

    1. Thanks Jill! I know, it seems so much easier to navigate through :)


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