Verbal Fancy Box April 2013 Review

Hey Everybody!

So once again, I am totally late on this review once but I am almost all caught up! Anyways, I got my very first Verbal Fancy Box! I honestly had no idea who Verbal was before I bought this box. I still don't know who he is to tell you the truth but I just wanted to see what would be inside of his box! Each box contains $80+ worth of products. 

Cost: $39/month

Value: $25

I really like this tote and the quote that it has on it. I will either be using it to bring to the gym or to use at the grocery store. The only thing that I have a problem with is that the material doesn't feel like it's made of super high quality material or anything so I don't quite understand why it is $25? Oh well, good thing I didn't pay that much for it!

Value: $18

I actually got this in my P!nk Fancy Box for April too. I wasn't too excited when I saw it in that box either. It's a colouring book with pictures of rappers in it. I'll probably end up gifting this to somebody. 

Value: $25

I really like the design on these playing cards. There are definitely more unique than your regular playing cards. I haven't played cards in forever though! I don't even know if I remember how to play any card games anymore. I'll have to go internet searching for card games!

Value: $22

I totally laughed when I saw this in my box. I have definitely never gotten anything like this in a subscription box before! You are supposed to put alcohol in it and it shoots out into your mouth. I'll have to try it at least once, right? 

Total Value: $90

This wasn't my favorite Fancy Box but it still had some good items in it. I unsubcribed to it though because it just wasn't exactly my style. 

Do you subscribe to Verbal Fancy Box? What did you think about the items in it?

Disclaimer: Fancy Box did not pay me for this review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. eek, this has some okay items in it I guess but definitely not my style either. The alcohol-gun thing just kinda bothers me, especially for a sub box. hopefully the other fancy subs you have are more to your taste :)

  2. Seriously who is Verbal? Am I not cool because I don't know?? That shot-gun thing is crazy! The Verbal sounds a tad wild!!!!


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