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Hey Everyone!

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I decided to do my link-up for What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie over at Little Daisy May today!

Betsey Johnson Earrings

I don't know what it is about Betsey Johnson's style, but I just think that it is so adorable. I wish that I had these earrings! I probably have enough of earrings as it is though. I love that her style pops out and always makes a statement with no matter what you are wearing.

I have a wedding to go to this month and I need to find a dress to wear! There are so many to choose from and I just want all of them. I love how the bottom of this dress is sheer, I may have to look into that style... 

Aviators have always been my first choice for sunglasses, they just look better on my face shape (I think that I have what they call a square face). Mirrored aviators are even better than regular ones because you can take awesome pictures like this one that I found! Plus they look pretty sweet. Whenever I am wearing my mirrored aviators, I can always tell when people are just looking at themselves in my sunglasses LOL.

Trust me, I know how weird it is to say that I love water. But it's true! I grew up in the country so I have always been used to drinking well water. It wasn't until I started to live in the city that I realized how much I dislike the taste of city water. Seriously, it tastes so different. I remember when my friends from the city would come to my house and have a glass of water. They usually didn't like it because they were used to the city water. Now I know how they feel. So how to I fix this problem of mine?

Photo: The giant jug of well water that I filled up at my parents house to bring while I stay in Lincoln the week, I hate the taste of city water. 5 gallons of water should last me 5 days.

I fill this giant jug with water from my parents house every couple of days and bring it to my house. I drink so much water that it's usually empty every couple of days. It's a lot cheaper than buying bottled water every week :)

Baked cheetos are one of my many guilty snacks. I like them so much better than regular cheetos because they aren't as greasy. I try to stay away from the chip aisle at the grocery store anymore though because they don't exactly match with my diet too well :) I splurged this week though and got them! At least I didn't get regular cheetos though, right?

What are you loving on this lovely Wednesday?


  1. OMG! Love Betsey Johnson and LOVE AVIATORS! They are the only sunglasses I wear. I will totally have to try the mirrored ones. Cute "loves"!!!

    1. Thanks! :) The mirrored aviators are amazing

  2. I love baked cheetos! So much more than normal cheetos. It's so funny to see that somebody else does soon. They sell them in the vending machines at school, it's like a $1.35 and maybe 150 calories and now I AM SO TEMPTED.


    Also Betsey Johnson is awesome!

    Hope you have a good week, these Wednesday posts are really fun, may have to try one myself eventually :)


    1. Baked cheetos are so good! It's hard not to buy a bag at the grocery store :)

  3. Love those aviators!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ahhh I have been eying up some mirrored aviators! Great post!



  5. Oh my goodness! Those Betsey Johnson earrings are adorable!


    1. I know, right?! They are so adorable :)

  6. Baked cheetos are soo delicious! I like that entire line! Ill take those earrings too im all about leopard lately.

  7. I love Aviator glasses and the red dress is adorable! I have so many heart items for jewelry, it is embarrasing, but these earrings are cute - not childish at all!


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