Bulu Weight Loss Box Subscription June 2013 Review

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I was lucky enough to be chosen to review Bulu Box's Weight Loss box for June! This is definitely not my first subscription box from Bulu but it is my first weight loss box from them. For those of you who are not familiar with Bulu Box, it is health and wellness subscription box. You can click here to see my past Bulu Box reviews. 

Cost: $10/month

Value: $2.20

I never go to the gym without drinking a glass of pre-workout first. I always need that extra boost of energy to get me through an intense workout. I get a high tolerance for the same pre-workout pretty quickly so I am always looking for new brands of pre-workout to try out. I've tried a lot of pre-workouts throughout the years. I've tried good ones and bad ones and mediocre ones. Power Fuel 52 was definitely on my list of bad ones because the taste was terrible. I followed all of the instructions and put the packet in 6 oz of water. I feel like I should have put more water in it though because it seemed like there was too much powder in it. The taste reminded me of dish soap, really gross dish soap. I will say that the effects were pretty good though. I've had better pre-workouts before so I still can't see myself buying more of this because I ended up dumping it out since it tasted so bad. 

Value: $0.54

There are so many benefits to drinking green tea. I know a lot of people who don't like the taste of green tea  though so this would be a good alternative. I put the entire packet into a cup of vegetable beef soup. I didn't really like how big the leaves were. It mixed into my soup really well though. If I were going buy more of this, I'd get the powdered version instead. They say that it taste really good in smoothies too!

Value: $0.72

These chews are supposed to energize, sustain and recover. I've never tried gummy energy chews before but I have tried gummy vitamins and they tasted really bag. I tried the GU Chomp about 40 minutes before I started my Crossfit class. Surprisingly, they tasted really good. They were much better tasting than thevitamins that I tried. The energy kicked in really fast too. Within 10-15 minutes, I could feel the energy. I iwish I had taken it a little later though because I had to wait for my class to start to start using that energy. I would buy more of these! I was looking on Amazon and they have a lot of great flavors too. My next flavor would either be Watermelon or Peach Tea. 

Value: $6.16

The Shapeology Burn Blend has a lot of good reviews for it out on the internet. It is supposed to act as a high metabolism and burn fat at the same time. I took a couple of these pills and didn't really feel any different. I can't really say that I lost any weight on them either. To be honest with you, I don't even believe in fast weight-loss pills. I believe in a good, clean diet and exercise. 

Value: $0.13

I LOVED this cream! It is a pain relieving cream that helps arthritis pain, back pain and muscle pain. I used it on my muscles after a grueling work out. It made my muscles feel better almost instantly. It had a menthol/mint smell to it but I loved it! The mint smell always makes me feel like it works better than other unscented creams. It probably doesn't really work any better but I would definitely buy more of this for my aching muscles after a work out!

Value: $1.35

PowerIce is a lot like a post-workout Popsicle. You are supposed to freeze it and eat it after a workout to re-hydrate your body. It actually doesn't even have to be for a post-workout. You can take it before, during or after a workout. According to the website, it is safe for all ages and doesn't contain all types of sugar like popular sports drinks. So my question would be if this was okay for a snack after a baseball or volleyball game for little kids?  It says it's safe for all ages so I'm guessing it is! It would be better than bringing a sugary sports drink! Especially if it's a frozen Popsicle on a hot day :)

Total Value of the Box: $11.10

I still love getting Bulu Box! They always introduce me to great, new products and I love earning points to spend in their shop! Plus the price is great and super affordable. 

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Love the idea of this box so much! I would definitely try a few of these products, especially the edible green tea. x E


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